• Anglefix Measuring Tool

  • Electronic Measuring Rod

  • Stanley Fat Max 16 Foot - 1.25 inch Tape Rule

  • 25 Foot Power Tape Rule 1 inch Wide

  • Electronic Stud and Nail Sensor

  • 16oz Brass Plumb Bob

  • 32oz. Brass Plumb Bob

  • PLS180 Palm Laser Alignment Tool

  • PLS5 Standard Laser Alignment Tool

  • Deluxe Laser Level Kit

  • 100 Foot Pro Chalk Line

  • 100 Foot Strait-Line Chalk Line

  • Torpedo Level

  • Stanley 72 inch FATMAX Level

    Fast, accurate and portable measure sticks, palm lasers and tape measures to ensure your shower doors are measured perfectly
  • Construction Master Calculator

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