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3 Sided Mecanex Grid Pattern Sliding Doors with 90 Degree Return Panels on both sides

Sliding Door can closes to return panel on left or right side

Back wall tiled only - glass on 3 sides

8mm clear tempered glass with Matte Black hardware

Front with Door: 48" or 60" wide
Door Side Width: 48"(46 1/8"-46 7/16") or 60"(58 1/8"-58 7/16") wide

Return Panels: 32", 36", 42"
Return panels for both left and right sides of door

Height: 78 3/4"

Double Handle

Lifetime warranty on rollers

Zitta 10 Year glass protection warranty

Catalog Number:

  • DMC4800/6000 & DMC3200/3600/4200

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  • $2,750.00

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