Artistcraft Shower Door is proud of our record of accomplishments. We work with the best in the industry and we strive every day to remain the best.

That being said there are always surprises on the job site. When things do not work out 100% as planned it is good to know that there is some kind of policy at work to ensure that the job will get completed effectively and efficiently.

As such we undertake to ensure that our work meets the following guidelines:

  1. Our prices will be competitive
  2. Our designs will be practical and safe
  3. Our delivery will be on time
  4. Our after sales service will be prompt and courteous
  5. All our products include all materials and instructions needed

If our company fails to deliver on any or all of the following promises please be sure to contact any of the management team, and we will be sure to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

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