Simple "Peel & Stick" Pull Handle

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Two Attractive Models for Sliding Shower Doors
Pulls Allow Door Travel with Finger Tip Ease
Simply Peel The Included Double-Sided Tape and Adhere to Clean Glass
Constructed of Stainless Steel in a Choice of Polished and Brushed Finishes

When wanting to avoid the extra cost of hole drilling for handles or knobs used for a sliding door, these "Peel and Stick" Finger Pulls provide an outstanding alternative. Two attractive options are offered, including a Slim Model and a Recessed Model. Finger Pulls come with double-sided clear tape included, making installation as easy as peel and stick. The glass should be clean and dry for optimal adhesion. Attractive polished or brushed stainless steel Finger Pulls will match or accent a great number of popular sliding shower door hardware finishes.

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  • SLD1; SLD2

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  • $24.95

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