Artistcraft Shower Door has been providing frameless shower doors to the residential and commercial construction industry for over 15 years.

Who We Are

Les Prosser

Les Prosser, President & Director of Sales

Les Prosser has been involved in the Shower Door industry for many years. His expertise in the design and sales of custom showers is surpassed only by his attention to customer service.

Les Prosser

Annie Bahanos, Operations Manager

Annie Bahanos takes charge of all operational activities from the close of product sale, to ordering product and scheduling delivery. As the junior partner, she handles the delicate task of ensuring that all components are included with each and every order.

Les Prosser

Tony Katz, Marketing and Administration

Tony brings to the table a unique blend of ideas and talents acquired in the computer software, telecommunications and construction industries. His primary role is to ensure the company products are well marketed and that the computer ordering and financial systems are optimized for effective customer service.

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